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Women of the Passion

We invite you to begin your Holy Week on Tuesday evening (April 16, 2019) at 7:00 pm with a presentation of  Katie Sherrod’s Women Of The Passion, A Journey to the Cross. Written in 2006, Women of the Passion gives female voice to the Easter narrative in a fresh, and deeply moving way.  This will be the fourth year offering this service and we encourage both women and men to attend.


Experience the lives of the women closest to Christ, in a stunning female rendering of The Stations of the Cross. It is from a women’s perspective, read by women and intended for all to experience. These readings bring a broader perspective to the Passion read on Palm Sunday.


Comments from Charlie Stone, who attended last year:
“….I thought it was the most moving service of the whole Lenten and Easter season…I hope that more people will hear of this wonderful service and make it a point to come. My thanks to you and all the women that participated in producing such a meaningful service….”


Women of the Passion offers a unique Lenten encounter. You will experience the passion of Jesus Christ as witnessed by the women in the company of Jesus. It is in the format of the traditional 14 Stations of the Cross. Each Station is narrated by a woman whose life was transformed by her encounter with Jesus. These include the woman with the flow of blood, the bent-over woman, the woman taken in adultery, the widow with the mite, and of course, Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of Jesus. The readings begin with the stories of the anointing of Jesus by a woman, his denial by Peter and the dream of Pilate’s wife as told by the women who are integral parts of the ancient story. Then Station by Station, we begin the journey to the Cross. The readings end with Mary’s grief as a mother over the loss of her son, and the peace she finds as she places him in the tomb.

Let us Begin . . .  

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