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Trinity Sunday!

Dear Friends,

With all due respect to every theologian and clergy person who has ever tried to “explain” the Trinity, there is nothing that dampens the mystery more than explanation. Which is why I laughed when I opened my datebook today and saw this scrawled across Wednesday of this week, “Write Clergy Reflection on Trinity/Trinity Sunday.” I would rather teleport you to an ocean cliff or some such place where the Trinity of God is more clearly experienced than try to offer words. But words are what we have, so I tread lightly forward careful to not dampen the mystery.

We humans are so limited, and God is, well, not! God is with us and all over the place in more ways than we could ever dream up, right? But we do need some way to access the limitless presence of God. So, we Christians (perhaps particularly we Christians who attend Trinity Church….) live into a relationship with one God expressed in three particular ways.

Christ; incarnate God, with us, for us, in us, like us.

Creator; source, Mother, Father, artist.

Spirit; breath, air, inspiration, motivation, fuel, advocate, infiltrating presence everywhere in all things.

I invite you to stand outdoors. The ocean is good, as is a forest, lake, meadow, mountain, anywhere where the creations of God are more prominent than the creations of humanity. But a porch or church or armchair will do too (remember God IS limitless).

Breathe. Close your eyes. Breathe. Here you are in a body made by the creator, a body akin to Jesus’ body, a body full of the breath of life which is the presence of the Spirit. In one breath, the with-ness of the Trinity can be known by each of us. And we become witnesses to the mystery. We can become aware that we are each vessels, conduits, carriers of the divine in three unique ways.

Breathe. Look out at the world in awe. Breathe. Look out at the other humans and see the Trinity of God in and through and with them. Breathe, and let that awareness heal our divides. Breathe, and be still, and know God. Breathe.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday as we celebrate Trinity Sunday, breathe in the presence of God, and eat ice cream on the front porch!

Yours in the threefold love of God,

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