Liturgical Ministries of Trinity Church

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a group of parishioners who volunteer to prepare the sanctuaries for regular Sunday services, special services (such as baptisms, weddings and funerals) and high holy days (Easter, Pentecost and Christmas).  The Altar Guild operates in teams of four, for an average of about two hours per month of service. To learn more about the Altar Guild, please contact Niki D’Esopo.

Trinity Altar Flowers

Flower Guild

Flowerclose-upEach week, the talented and creative members of Trinity’s Flower Guild bring the beauty of God’s world to our worship space. Guild members are responsible for choosing and arranging altar flowers for Sunday services, weddings, funerals, Easter, Pentecost and Christmas. There are seven members on the Flower Guild. The members serve on a weekly rotation throughout the year. The church has an account at Wilson Farm in Lexington for easy flower purchase.

The Flower Guild is a subcommittee of the Altar Guild and some members are only Flower Guild members, while others serve on both committees. If you are interested in arranging flowers only, you can be a member of just the Flower Guild and you will not be scheduled for regular Altar Guild duties, just flower arranging. We invite both women and men to become members.

MollyflowermarketThe Flower Guild invites all parishioners to sponsor altar flowers for any given Sunday throughout the year (during Lent the altar remains bare, but you may still sponsor flowers and it will be acknowledged in the Sunday bulletin after Easter). Sponsoring altar flowers is a beautiful way to honor loved ones marking special life events such as a birthday, anniversary, baptism, confirmation, in memory of a loved one, or in thanksgiving for life’s blessings. The cost for sponsoring altar flowers is $30 per family/individual. Contact the Trinity office, Deborah Scarff, the Flower Guild Chair, or Molly Stone.

Lay Eucharistic Ministry (LEMs & LEVs)

Jenn Lems and choir vertLay Eucharistic Ministers are trained and licensed by the Diocese to serve at the altar as chalicers during Holy Communion. As Lay Eucharistic Visitors, they also bring the Eucharist to those who are unable to come to church, extending, in a very real sense, the altar and communion rail to those at home, in hospitals and other health care facilities.

“We who are many are one body, because we all share one bread, one cup.”

If you would like to receive communion after church on Sunday in your house or hospital room, please contact the church office.

Contact Ernie Steward if you would like to learn more about this ministry.


Reading scripture for our Trinity community is a blessing, a privilege and a responsibility.  It is a blessing because the scripture we read from the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament is sacred; it is the written word of our religious tradition and faith.  It is a privilege because it is the task of the Laity, as participants with our ordained ministers, to read Scripture for our Trinity community.  It is a responsibility because it is ours to understand what we are reading, in order for our congregation to hear the significance of the readings with regard to the hymns we sing and the sermons we hear preached.  

To read a lesson at the 8 or 10 o’clock service, please contact Tom Phillips.


IMG_0194Ushers shepherd parishioners throughout the entire service. They greet everyone entering the sanctuary and help those who need it to find a seat. They are there handing out the service leaflets at the beginning, and clearing the empty pews of dropped paper after everyone has gone. During the service they pass the offering plates and count the number of attendees. They usher the congregation to the communion rail one pew at a time. They answer questions and solve seating problems. They are alert at all times during the service with an eye out for anyone in need or discomfort. In other words, they are indispensable, and at the same time have the privilege to meet and be known by virtually the whole parish.

There are opportunities at both the 8 and the 10 o’clock services. If you are interested in this enriching ministry, please contact John Ahern.


Trinity Church Acolytes are a dedicated group of 5th-12th graders.  They help to lead and support the worship by performing traditional acolyte roles as Almoners, Crucifers and Servers.  If you know a 5th-12th grader who is interested in acolyting, we’d love to train them (we’ll teach them what almoners, crucifers and servers do!); just contact one of the following church leaders:

Head Acolyte Libby Loprete

Head Verger Walter Birge

Associate Rector Becky Gettel

Current acolytes can check the schedule and add their name to it in our acolyte google doc.  Email Libby for the link!                                                                                                                     


walter_reducedVergers have the responsibility for seeing that all aspects of the Sunday service–with the exception of the sermon and the consecration of the host–go smoothly. While the Altar Guild and the coordinators of the lectors have specific responsibilities, it is the verger who has the overarching task of seeing that all goes well. This ministry was established to lighten the load of the priests as they prepare for and celebrate at the services.

To find out more about Vergers, please contact Walter Birge.

Following Christ. 

Living our faith.