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Seen and Unseen

Dear Beloved Community,


There are angels among you. 


Seen and unseen.


Sitting in the next pew (that they sanded so we wouldn’t get splinters), or putting food on platters in the kitchen while we sing the final hymn. 

She is watering the planters at our doors with umpteen jars of water, so that when we arrive it will be to colorful flowers reminding us of Easter Resurrection. 

They are scrubbing the oven, the stainless steel, the fridge, and the counters, so that we might feast in cleanliness and safety. 

He checks the doors and the lights that we may have left on or ajar or unlocked. 

They stuff our bulletins and check our publications for typos. 

They prepare the holy items for Sunday morning, adjusting the chalice, adding flowers to the foam bricks of oasis on hot Saturday mornings. 

He prints the readings (in-CLUDE-ing pro-nun-see-A-tion) and leaves them for you on the lectern.  

They sweep the dust from our feet off the welcome mat when no one is looking, straighten the library chairs, and then go sit in the chapel to pray.

They are everywhere.  Seen and Unseen. 

I would be willing to bet that you are one too – that there is a task you take on, a prayer we haven’t heard, whispered on behalf of us all, a group that you lead, a quiet way in which you care for this place, for us all. 

This is our Church. 

It is our offering to God, to God’s world, and to one another.  We each play our part in making it the Church because we know in our heart of hearts that a Church is not a building.  It is us.  The angels among us remind us of this. 

And because you are one of them, it ought to be said, whether we see you or not, whether we say it or not, the rest of us are grateful, because you are what makes it possible to be the Church in this world. 

You are the beacon of hope letting us know that the God of all that is, Seen and Unseen, is here among us, in you.


Gratefully yours in Christ,



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