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Seeking the Christ Light All Over Again

Dear Friends, 

In the beginning of time, there was light, and God called it good. And then human frailty entered the scene. Our fear, our woundedness, our sense of scarcity and competition; these things darkened the landscape like a veil, causing us to lose focus.

So God sent us a new light. That light landed in the womb of a brave young woman named Mary. It landed in her eyes and in her heart. It landed in a barn at the end of a long journey. That light landed on this earth. As God. In a human body. And the new light changed everything.

And yet…the fear still came. People still lived life from a wounded place. Scarcity still overshadowed the abundance of the light. Far too often a veil fell between the light and Creation, hindering the fullness of our being.

And so we learned the truth of our existence. We learned that salvation from the shadows was going to need to be a regular event. Basking in the light was going to have to be ritualized and observed repeatedly. The incarnation was going to need to happen annually (perhaps even daily…perhaps even in each breath).

Like food and water and sleep and air, we were going to need to take in regular doses of the light. And sometimes we would need very big doses.

So every year we await a big dose of light. We invite the Christ light to be born in us. We wait for the outpouring of love, the brightness of the star, the openness of the spirit, the generosity of God- all over again. Into each of our hearts.

Every year, we brace ourselves for the profound gift that keeps changing everything, the Christ Light, shining on us, in us, from us, and through us, dispelling the darkness, thinning the veil, and showering us with abundant love.

Please, join us this year to take it all in together. Join us for Advent Vespers. Join us for Christmas Eucharist. Join us in the joy of the Epiphany. Join us as we, together, pray for the light once again.

Yours in Christ, 


  • Feature image is Mary and Joseph, oil on Panel by Elizabeth Wang, 1995.

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