The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs) that members of the Search Committee have heard from Parishioners. Please click on the questions and it will take you to the Answer.  The Search Committee also welcomes your questions and you may go to the Rector Search Homepage and submit a question via the Parishioner Contact Form.


Question #1: If I know any priests who would be great candidates for the position of Rector, what should I do?

Question #2: Why is the Search Committee so secretive?



















Q1: If I know any priests who would be great candidates for the position of Rector, what should I do?

A: Reach out to any priest you believe would be a good candidate, and tell them that Trinity is receiving names for the Rector position until March 15.  Please encourage them to read our Parish Profile (on our website, to get a sense of Trinity and the parish’s needs at this time.  Ask them to think about whether they might be a good fit.  Also explain that applications should be submitted via the Rector Search Page on our website.

Please be aware that while the committee appreciates the efforts of parishioners to refer candidates to be considered for Rector of Trinity, we are bound by confidentiality not to discuss particular candidates with anyone outside the committee during and after the search process.  This is vitally important to protect the confidentiality of candidates and to maintain the integrity of the selection process.


Q2: Why is the Search Committee so secretive?

A: Actually, the committee operates in confidentiality rather than secrecy. We are obliged to maintain the privacy of rector candidates, many of whom are currently employed by other churches. At the same time, the ability of committee members to state their opinions in confidence is essential to the integrity of the search process.

Nor does the Search Committee operate in isolation. Trinity’s lay leadership keeps abreast of the committee’s progress in three ways: two Vestry members sit on the Search Committee, the committee makes regular reports at Vestry meetings; and the church wardens attend Search Committee meetings, when possible, as observers. More broadly, the Vestry selected the members of the Search Committee to represent the parish’s various constituencies so that we can bring multiple perspectives to bear on our common charge.


We encourage and appreciate all input and suggestions from members of the Parish.  Please speak to any of the Search Committee members.