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Preparing Children for Pentecost

Over the next two Sundays (May 26 & June 2), we offer two opportunities for children to learn about and get ready for celebrating the third great mystery of our faith: Pentecost. It’s important to get ready. They get ready for Christmas by participating in the pageant, they get ready for Easter by exploring the Stations of Holy Week, and now it’s time to get ready for Pentecost. 

So come, May 26 to the Kid’s Word Walk during the 10 am service, and/or come, June 2 at 9 am for a special Pray and Play. We’ll hear the story, explore the connection between Pentecost and Holy Baptism, we’ll make Pentecost windsocks for sanctuary and home use, and practice using Pentecost fire sticks.

What is Pentecost in a nutshell? Pentecost marks 50 days after God made Jesus alive again, and 10 days after Jesus ascended to God. We remember the story of how the disciples received the gift that Jesus had promised, the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Behind closed doors in the upper room, there came a rushing wind and what seemed like flames dancing above their heads, and the disciples became empowered to share the good news of God’s amazing love, speaking in varied tongues and baptizing new followers.  It marks the birthday of the church.  Our entire church family gathers together, just like we do for Christmas and Easter. Remember to wear Red!


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