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Prayerful Living

How might we try on a more intentional prayer life? It has to be doable, given our real and busy lives!  Richard Rohr, Franciscan priest, suggests that what we are after is a “prayerful consciousness.”  For me that means finding ways to incorporate prayer wherever I am. 

  • While standing in line at the market, or on the train; pray silently for the person in front of you; that whatever burdens they are carrying may be healed by God’s mercy.
  • Say a prayer of gratitude when you awake each morning. A simple “Thank you God for bringing me into this new day” reminds us that each moment is a gift.
  • Put a stickie note on your bathroom mirror with names of people you love. Read their names as you brush your teeth, offering each one to God’s care.
  • Bless your children as you tuck them in each night; bless your partner; even your pet. All are God’s creation and we are blessed to share our lives with one another.

You get the idea – I invite you to cultivate your prayerful consciousness this Lenten season in whatever ways call to you.

God of life and death, teach us to hold out for a deeper life, for the prayerful consciousness that enables us to transcend our petty needs for security and self-image, so that we may be free to rest in communion with you. Amen. (Richard Rohr, OSF)

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February 15, 2018 reflection

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