2017/2018 Music Offerings

 October 1, Sunday at 4:00 PM

Blessing of the Animals


October 22, Sunday at 5:00 PM

Hymn Sing & Pie Party


November 5, Sunday at 5:00 PM

Prelude Recital: J. S. Bach Cantata 79

Choral Evensong


December 3, Sunday at 5:00 PM

Choral Evensong in the Chapel


December 5, Tuesday at 6:00 PM

Institution of Nancy Hagner

Christmas Season

December 24, Christmas Eve

Holy Eucharist Services

3:30 PM with Pageant

5:30 PM with Soloist

10:30 PM Prelude Music

with Choir & Instruments


December 25, Christmas Day

10:00 AM Holy Eucharist


January 6, Saturday at 5:00 PM

Lessons & Carols


February 14, Ash Wednesday

Holy Eucharist in the Chapel

7 AM & 12 Noon (spoken)

7:30 PM (with music)


March 4, Sunday at 5:00 PM

Prelude Recital: Concordia Consort

Choral Evensong


March 18, Sunday at 7:00 PM

Bach Cantata 199 & Vespers

Peregrine Consort


Holy Week/Easter


Tuesday, March 27 at 7:30

Women of the Passion Narrative


Wednesday, March 28 at 7:30 PM

Lessons of Tenebrae


Thursday, March 29 at 7:30 PM

Maundy Thursday Liturgy


Friday, March 30 at Noon

Good Friday Liturgy

Music at 1:30 PM

Meditation to 3:00 PM


Saturday, March 31 at 7:30 PM

Great Vigil of Easter



8:00 & 10:00 AM

Festival Eucharist: Brass & Choir

Spring Offerings

May 6, Sunday at 5:00 PM

Prelude Recital: Five Cellos

Choral Evensong


May 24, Thursday at 7:30 PM

Ascension Thursday Service


June 3, Sunday at 5:00 PM

Choral Evensong in the Chapel


June 22, Friday at 7:00 PM

Concert by the Choir of

Magdelene College, Oxford, UK


Music as Part of our Worship

Music plays an important role in our Liturgy. Every Sunday throughout the year, (even in the summer with a pick-up choir) Hymns, Psalms, Canticles and Anthems are sung with choir and organ at the 10:00 AM Eucharist Service. Vocal solos and instrumental music are included regularly in worship services, offered by members and friends of the parish.

Music is prominent at weddings, funerals and other special services and the choirs sing a Service of Lessons and Carols at Epiphany, and offer Choral Evensong frequently during the year.

Choral Evensong

The Service of Choral Evensong is a dialogue that has been given life by singers and composers since 1549, when Archbishop Thomas Cranmer organized our liturgies into The Book Of Common Prayer. As the beauty of this experience has continued for centuries, it has fostered the creation of an immense body of music written solely for this service. A first-time participant may feel as if he or she has joined in a conversation already begun, but eventually the wash of music and liturgy carries one into a new sense of God’s presence in the rhythm of daily life. Choral Evensong is sung daily in many cathedrals and parish churches in England and throughout the Anglican Communion. Consider the possibility that at any given moment, somewhere on the earth, someone is offering up a voice of sung prayer as this miraculous conversation continues between the Creator and the created.

Music as Performance

Recognizing the contribution that live music offers to the life of a community, Trinity regularly presents various performing individuals and groups as part of our worship or as events by themselves. We have presented groups as varied and diverse as The American Boy Choir, The Dortmund Boys Chorus, The Boston Gay Men’s Chorus, several English choirs and various Early Music ensembles. We are home to two Ensembles in Residence: Concordia Consort (Recorders) and BALA (Brass). Trinity also provides regular rehearsal space to Recorders/Early Music West, Concord Women’s Chorus and Spencer Brook Orchestra. The Concord Chorus, Concord Chamber Music Society and Boston Symphony Orchestra Ensembles, also use our facilities and we regularly host touring choral groups.

The Choir Program

The Parish Choir for adults and high school students rehearses on Thursday nights, September through June and sings in the 10:00 AM Liturgy throughout the year. They, as well, sing Choral Evensong roughly three times each year and are contemplating an extended trip in the future, having traveled to Grace Episcopal Church in New York City, and St. Paul’s Cathedral in Burlington, Vermont. This group of over forty members has a tremendous spirit of commitment and fellowship, and they take pleasure in their music making, with the feeling that hard work can be fun while producing exciting results.

The Junior Choir for beginning singers (grades two to four) in weekly Thursday rehearsals learns how to sing and to read music, and learns about the traditions of the church. It is mostly a preparatory experience for the Youth Choir.  This group sings in the 10:00 AM Liturgy when ready, on the first Sunday of each month (October-June), and for special services such as Christmas and Easter.

The Youth Choir for singers in grades 4 to High School participates every Sunday in the 10:00 AM Liturgy (October-June). They sing an anthem on the first Sunday of each month and for special services at Christmas and Easter and other occasions, as well as singing the Service of Choral Evensong twice each year. We are currently working on plans for a future trip and the group takes a summer overnight retreat. The Thursday rehearsals are designed around the RSCM program, teaching musical skills and vocal technique in the context of our Liturgical tradition. The group frequently has lively discussions on the meaning of the texts.

Music Education

The Music Program is aligned with the Church School program to emphasize learning about liturgy and music. Music and visual arts are also featured in many Adult Education programs here at Trinity. The educational structure of the Royal School of Church Music Chorister Training Program, with its emphasis on individual achievement, forms the basis of the Youth and Junior Choir program.

Robert Barney, Music Director came to Trinity in 1994, and is, in addition, Artistic Director for Youth pro Musica, Boston’s oldest choir program for young people, and teaches private lessons in Piano, Voice and Organ. Robert is also heard regularly in solo performances as an organist, harpsichordist and singer.
In May of 2016 Robert was elected to a two-year term as Dean of the Boston Chapter of the American Guild of Organists (AGO). He sings with, and serves as an artistic advisor for the Seraphim Singers. He has performed organ recitals in the U.S. and Europe and for conventions of the AGO, Association of Anglican Musicians (AAM), and the Organ Historical Society (OHS). Several documentary recordings of OHS conventions include his playing and he has been featured in the nationally syndicated radio program Pipedreams.