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Listening for the Heartbeat of God

Dear Trinity Community, 

A few weeks ago, I mentioned in a sermon that I am deeply drawn to the Celtic practice of listening for the heartbeat of God in daily life.  This is especially true in the whirlwind of September. 

Each year, September arrives with fresh new ideas and opportunities, renewed energies, and invitations to be a part of groups and activities.  We can feel like a kid at a carnival wondering which ride to hop on next or…we can feel like we’ve been caught in a downpour without an umbrella.  Overwhelm sets in.  

This is where listening saves me. What if God’s heartbeat is most audible in the places where the spirit is waiting to fill our cup?  What if our gifts and passions are drawn like a magnet to that divine rhythm, if only we pay close enough attention to the beat?  We cannot play the violin, clarinet, and cymbals all at the same time, but sitting attentively in our own section with eyes on the conductor and ears tuned to our neighbor, we may just hear the pulse of God in new and astounding ways.  And when we listen and don’t hear that pulse, it may be that we’re sitting in the wrong chair and need to vacate said chair so the person who can hear the beat from that place may claim it, and we may find our own sweet spot.  

It’s a beautiful dance, when we are paying attention.  If only we can shed the sense of obligation and overwhelm in exchange for listening ears and hopeful hearts, God’s heartbeat in the nooks and crannies of our world could be waiting to transport us to a whole new place. 

Grateful to be on the journey and in the orchestra with you all as we begin a new year at Trinity, 


* The Featured Image above is “Big Band” by LeRoy Neiman.  It can be viewed at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington DC.


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