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Life from Death

Dear friends,

“Life from death” that is the promise of Easter. What we see as dead, lifeless, “over and done with,” God transforms with new life. The most common way we experience this is in the change of the seasons.  This daffodil, in the garden next to the chapel, pushed up through brown hard dirt only to encounter vines and sticks, which look like a crown of thorns.  However, the branches were no match for the green shoots and yellow burst of life!  This image of new life, light, color and beauty pushing past the dead branches is a small vision of what we are promised from God about Easter.


The Spirit of our Living God is present in all things; in nature, in you, and in me, in our community of faith, and in our world.  This Life and Light persists in its beauty and determination to spring forth from the tombs of our dead places; places of despair and loneliness, dark tombs of fear and desperation.


May we each trust in God’s promise, the promise that Life wins; that Love overcomes all fears, all death. Jesus rises from the dead, walks out of the tomb for us!  So we may know the truth of God’s power, God’s love, God’s promise of Life.  May Easter joy break through in your heart this year and every day.


Easter blessings,


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