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Dear friends in Christ,

An invocation is a prayer for blessing or guidance at the beginning of a service or a ceremony. As we begin this new program year at Trinity Church, we will pray together in many ways, asking God for blessing and guidance.

For example, on Sunday, Rev. Becky will invite all of those who want their backpacks, laptops, briefcases, paint brushes, gardening tools, musical instruments or other “tools of your trade” blessed. She will offer God’s blessing over these things as they symbolize the work you have been given to do; whether that work is to study or create, organize or plant, lead worship or care for children—we pray for God’s blessing and guidance in every moment of our lives.

Next Saturday, we will gather for an All Parish Potluck, eating together, sharing food and stories as we come back from summer travels. Bring a friend and meet new friends; tell your story and listen to others; for this is how we thrive in God’s house.

And so we begin again: Choir rehearsal, prayer group, book group, walking group, worship on Wednesdays, Church School, Adult Forum, new First Wednesday “Water from a Deep Well,” handcrafts, outreach, and more…..your Trinity Church, a living community of prayer and study, worship and service, fellowship and faith.

Two days ago, in Memorial Church at Harvard, an invocation was offered for the incoming class; students who have come from near and far to study. Dr. Stephanie Paulsell, HDS theologian and Pusey Minister at Memorial Church offered the prayer. While her words were written with those young people in mind as they launch into their college careers, I heard her words as an invocation, a prayer for the church as we begin again:

May we all feel called to lift up narratives that inspire a wider welcome, calculations that are more inclusive, forms of community that illuminate the connections between us.

We give thanks for the work ahead, and we pray for the imagination, humility and audacity we need to do it well.

We pray that we will listen for unexpected resonances among histories and equations and music and languages, that we will seek new combinations of words, ideas and practices that will help the life of the world flourish, that we will feel the claims of the lives of others on our own.

May your days be blessed, your hearts renewed with God’s love.

Peace and blessings,

* The feature image is a picture of memorial church

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