Healing prayer is offered at the Sunday Eucharist at the 8 am and 10 am services, and prayer team members are available to meet with persons wanting prayer privately (either for themselves or another) on an on-going basis by contacting Regina Nowselski, or the Reverends Becky Gettel or Nancy Hagner to arrange an appointment.


Below, we have included the 2017 annual report from healing prayer team leader, Regina Nowselski, so you might get a better sense of what this ministry team offers to our community and to know that you are very welcome to make use of their prayer ministry if you feel so moved.

Trinity Episcopal Church
Healing Prayer Ministry
“For when two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” Matthew 18:20

In spring of 2017, I was given the gift of facilitating the Healing Prayer Ministry. Founded by Rev. Judy Krumme 10 years ago, this ministry is now in its 11th year at Trinity Episcopal Church.
We are a group of 12 individuals who come from different walks of life. We meet in the library of Trinity on Thursday afternoons from 4:00-5:30, where we pray, read Scripture and discuss. The sessions typically open with a short spiritual reading or poem furnished by a member of the group. We then spend 10-15 minutes in prayer, first offering up any thanksgivings and petitions, and then turning our attention to contemplative Centering Prayer. Following this quiet time, we open our Bibles to where we left off the previous week
and delve into a study of God’s teachings. Last year we followed the apostle Paul’s journey through the book of Acts. This year we are studying Jesus’ parables and numerous healings in the Gospel of Matthew.
As we read, we stop intermittently to ask questions and share observations. Members discuss sections of the passage that might have spoken to them, or other readings, sermons and news stories that are relevant to our reading. In our discussion, we strive to see where we can apply Jesus’ teachings to our daily lives. In addition to Scripture, we periodically read books that pertain to spirituality, healing and prayer. We recently read and discussed Agnes Sanford’s book The Lost Shepherd, a work of fiction about the life-changing,
restorative power of healing prayer.
During Sunday services, 2 members of the Healing Prayer Ministry stand in the North Transept during communion and immediately following communion for anyone who seeks prayer for themselves or someone in their life. The person requesting prayer is offered anointing with holy oil and asked permission to lay on hands. Prayers are lifted to God, with the understanding that Jesus is the Healer. Members of the Healing Prayer Ministry seek to be vessels of Jesus’ redeeming power and love by praying for those who come. All prayer requests are held in strict confidence.
Every 4-6 weeks during our Thursday meetings, we break into small groups of 2 or 3 members for more intimate prayer time. Individuals offer the laying on of hands to pray for their fellow members. In this space, members are reminded that their own prayers—
prayers for themselves and for their loved ones—are important and heard too.
The Healing Prayer Ministry is open to all and welcomes all.

In Christ’s love,
Regina Nowselski, Facilitator