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Happy Candlemas!

During the Annual Meeting, twelve children participated in a celebration of Candlemas and the making of Christingles.

Candlemas falls on February 2, the 40th day after Christmas, a day we rejoice in Christ who is the light of the world. It marks the day when baby Jesus was presented to God at the temple and Simeon proclaims he has, “seen the Savior…a light to enlighten the nations…” The children constructed special candles, Christingles, and learned about the significance of Christingles through song.

The orange represents the creation of the world by God, the candle is the light of Christ, the red ribbon reminds us of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, the four toothpicks show that Christ’s love extends in all directions, in all places and in all times, and the dried fruits represent the fruits of the Spirit that enable us to share God’s love with others. 

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