Join other knitters and crafters to minister to our community and beyond through the fruits of our creative labors:

  • Knitted baby blankets or soft toys to newly baptized babies and small children
  • Prayer Shawls for those in need of extra love, care, prayers, and community support
  • Handcrafts to sell at our annual fundraising Fayre
  • Scarves for our graduating high school seniors

Contact Barbara Carvey for more information and gathering times. 

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We come together to knit shawls and blankets, hats and sweaters,
But leave having knit together those parts of us which have begun to unravel.

We come together to weave in the unfinished ends of these, our expressions of love,
But leave having rewoven those parts of us which have become thread bare.

We come together to stitch a flower or a dove,
But leave having stitched together the very fabric of another’s life.

In connecting we create,
In connecting we sustain,
In connecting we repair,
In connecting we see God.

— Barbara Carvey