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Food Safety Class

Do you know the answers to these questions?  Is it okay to thaw frozen food on the counter top? Does cooking kill all bacteria?  Why do you have to be careful when serving food mixed with mayonnaise?  What temperature do you need to reheat soup at? How long is it recommended to wash hands with soap before working with food in the kitchen?  Is it best to let dishes dry on their own or use a dish towel to dry them?


Many of our church ministries are centered around food and the cooking we do in the kitchen.  Most of us cook at home.  Learn more about safe food practices.  Learn about who the high risk populations are and ways to decrease the chance of transmitting any food-borne illnesses.  The Health and Safety Committee is looking for ten (10) parishioners to sign up for the NEHA (National Environment Health Association) professional food management class (this is similar to the ServSafe program) .  We will also be inviting others from the church communities in our area to attend.  Certification available after taking the exam. Class will be taught by Sheryl Ball, Health Director for the Town of Acton on Monday June 17, 2019 from 8 am to noon in the Parish Hall.  Cost is $85 and includes study book.  Sign up before the beginning of June by contacting   

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