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Family Worship Sundays

Family Worship Sundays Start October 7

Other dates during the year:

November 4, January 6 & 20, February 3 & 17, March 3, April 14 & 21, May 5 & 26 and June 9.


Worship is simply expressing our adoration for God. We set aside an hour on Sunday mornings to gather and adore God. Why? Because we are God’s beloved. We love God because God first loves us. Children know what it means to adore something or someone. As much as a child can adore soccer, adore dancing, adore video games, or whatever – he or she can adore God. Always and everywhere God’s loving presence is evident. Teaching them to be more mindful of God, means being more aware of God in your own life each day…and talking about your awareness with your children. The more you can bring into every day conversation how you adore God and rely on God’s love, children will begin to adore God and want to worship God with you. They become open to your mentoring of our Sunday morning worship practices.


Help them to participate in our worship service. Take advantage of the numerous opportunities for children to be involved in our worship, and the many resources on the Children’s Table in the Narthex. Here are just a few suggestions:

Sit up front…close to all the action! It’s okay to whisper throughout the service to explain to them what’s going on.

Come early at 9:35 am to learn about our worship traditions and practices each Sunday. Our first series, Taste and See, explores What is Holy Communion?” and runs through October 28.

Bookmarks. Encourage them to find the hymns ahead of time and sing along with you.

Alleluia! Amen booklets for them to read, color, doodle. Write their name on the cover. Follow the service with them using this book. Bring it home and read it together. Remember, to bring it back for the next Sunday Family Worship service.

Children (grades 4 & up) can volunteer (ahead of time) to read one of the lectionary readings. Younger children can be invited to read along using the lectionary insert, or complete the activities on the Children’s Bulletin, or borrow a children’s bible or story bible to read the equivalent lesson.

Before the Gospel lesson, children in grades 5 & under may join the Word Walk where they follow the cross out of the sanctuary for their own hearing of the Word. They will return at the Peace. For older children, we have Praying in Color folders that create their own prayers of the people to take home.

Sharing their gifts at the Offertory. Pick up a Kindness Note from the Children’s Table. Invite them to write or draw a kindness they promise to do in the coming week and place it in the offertory plates.

They can come to the back of the sanctuary and help carry bags of donated food to the altar.

Children can shadow an usher (grades 3 & up) or read part of the Prayers of the People (grades 4 & up).

Make it possible for them to join Junior and Youth Choirs that rehearse every Thursday.

Youth in grades 5 & up can enroll in our Acolyte program

And as always, nursery is available for children age 4 & under.

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