If you are an adult, please contact the clergy.  We would love to guide you in the process of being either Confirmed or Received into the Episcopal Church.

Youth Confirmationtinaconfirmation-7

  We typically only have a Youth Confirmation once every other year.  Contact Rev. Becky if you are interested in our next class or if you have any questions or concerns. 

Confirmation is an adult affirmation of faith in which individuals  find themselves at a place in their lives when they desire an opportunity to publicly re-affirm their baptismal vows for themselves, especially if those vows were taken on their behalf during infant or childhood baptism.  Once they have been Confirmed, they are then considered adult members in the Church.


A few of the requirements of youth Confirmation Preparation are:

  1. Regular participation in Confirmation Class -Previous Class Schedule posted HERE
  2. Participation in group retreat.  
  3. Volunteerism both in worship services and in the world as a group
  4. A desire to enter this process of one’s own accord

Please feel free to contact Rev. Becky Gettel with any questions.