Church School at Trinity Church

*NEW* Summer Children’s Booklets

Be sure to pick up your summer worship booklet in the Narthex. (yellow dots are for ages 3 – 6 and found below the table; red dots are for ages 7 -12 and are found hanging above the table.) Remember to write your name on the cover.  Both contain activity pages about the Old Testament lectionary readings – 2 pages each week! Stop and listen when the first Lesson is read at the lectern; it will help you complete your activities.  There are lots of other materials on the new Kid’s Table to borrow, but remember to return all materials where you found them.  Before leaving, hang up your summer worship booklet; it will be waiting for you the next time you worship with us!


Volunteers Needed for WORD WALK!

Word Walk will happen provided there is a volunteer to be the second adult. Can you help? Write your name on the small white board on the Kid’s Table, or better yet, sign up ahead of time on the Window of Opportunity (WOO) bulletin board next to the name tags board.


Eli. taken by Debbie Scarff


At Trinity, we believe that children bring the awe, energy, and curiosity of the Holy Spirit into our community. As they inspire us, we aim to offer them a safe and nurturing community, and joyful learning experiences.

Church School is offered for all PK-6th graders during the first half of the 10am service during the school year. On holiday weekends and during the summer, children’s chapel is offered instead. In both cases, the children return to the church in time to receive communion with the rest of the community.
Newbold boys

Godly Play: PK-3rd Grade
We have two Godly Play classrooms staffed by Godly Play trained teachers and assistants (doorkeepers). One class is for younger children in PK-1st grade and the other is for older children in 2nd and 3rd grade. You may register your child for Godly Play here.Figures

4th-6th Grade Church School
Our older children learn about God and our faith tradition from various interactive curiculum. Our 6th graders often engage with both this class and our afternoon youth group. You may register your child here for this class.

Our church school programs are supported by a wonderful team of volunteers (ASC – see description below) led by our staff Director of Christian Education, Carol Brady. 

Adults Supporting Children (ASC) – Its mission is to support Trinity’s ministry to children and youth, and to create connections which enhance Christian formation. The committee members are: Mike Balulescu, Alan Cooke, Kate Early, Christopher Nowselski, and Joy Sigona. April Prewitt and Linda Hull are church school teachers who will be attending as time permits. We welcome additional adults to join us. This dedicated team of concerned adults strive to promote opportunities for children and their families to deepen relationships with Christ, with one another, and with the parish community. Feel free to share with them any questions or concerns you may have about Trinity’s programs for children and youth.