*NEW* Godly Play (children ages 4–7) This class will use brand new materials and hear a new series of lessons this Eastertide! It’s called “Knowing Jesus in a New Way.” The focus here is on Jesus’ followers, as they experienced the fearful wonder and astonishment of this transition time between Jesus’ earthly ministry and the coming of the Holy Spirit. The children are invited to wonder, as well, as they see Jesus in this new way. Come, and wonder with us at 10 am each Sunday during Eastertide.

At Trinity, we believe that children bring the awe, energy, and curiosity of the Holy Spirit into our community. As they inspire us, we aim to offer them a safe and nurturing community, and joyful learning experiences.

Church School is offered for all PK-6th graders during the first half of the 10am service during the school year. On holiday weekends and during the summer, children’s chapel (Children’s Word Walk) is offered instead. In both cases, the children return to the church in time to receive communion with the rest of the community.

Godly Play: PK-2nd Grade
For children in PK-2nd grade we offer the  Godly Play curriculum; a gentle program of story telling and wondering. Our team of Godly play trained teachers is warm and compassionate and ready to welcome your little one.  Four year old children may be registered for this class, or they may register for nursery, while 2nd graders may choose this class or Feasting on the Word.  You can register here.

2nd-5th Grade -Feasting on the Word

Our older elementary students will enjoy a curriculum based on what we do in church each week. Why do we say the Lord’s prayer, and how do we choose which parts of the bible read?  This class will attend church upstairs on the first Sunday of the month and be engaged in lectionary based lessons on the other Sundays.  You may register your child here for this class.

6th-8th Grade- Feasting on the Word

Newbold boysOur Middle Schoolers will use the teen version of this lectionary-based curriculum and engage in conversations about life, faith, church, worship, and scripture. They too will be in the 10am church service for the first Sunday of each month and will be encouraged to take on roles in the service from reading and ushering to singing in the choir or acolyting.  They may register here.  Youth in this age group are also welcome to participate in youth group!

Our church school programs are supported by a wonderful team of volunteers (ASC – see description below) led by our staff Director of Christian Education, Carol Brady.

Adults Supporting Children (ASC) – Its mission is to support Trinity’s ministry to children and youth, and to create connections which enhance Christian formation. The committee members are: Mike Balulescu, Alan Cooke, Christopher Nowselski, and co-chairs Sarah Johnson and Joy Sigona. April Prewitt and Linda Hull are church school teachers who attend as time permits. We welcome additional adults to join us. This dedicated team of concerned adults strive to promote opportunities for children and their families to deepen relationships with Christ, with one another, and with the parish community. Feel free to share with them any questions or concerns you may have about Trinity’s programs for children and youth.