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Celebrating our Youth

On Sunday January 27th, our 10am service is going to look and feel just a little different than normal. Seven of our young adults, who will be Confirmed at the Cathedral on Saturday morning, will be serving in various capacities during our worship on Sunday.

As a group, they wrote our prayers for the day (and one of them will offer her voice to those prayers). Two of them will have helped with flowers and altar guild, two will acolyte, two will read, all of them will have created mobiles of our baptismal promises to decorate the sanctuary, and two of them will be offering a homily.

While it’s not abnormal for us to see young adults at our lectern and altar, this increase in their gifts for the day is very meaningful to me.

Walter Birge and I have been in conversation with these seven young women all school year as they explore their faith and learn more about our heritage and beliefs as Christians. Walter and I have both been consistently amazed at their insight and engagement. Our church is in good hands as we move forward.

Too often we think the generations coming up behind us are glued to their iphones and video games, unaware of the state of the world, detached from service and charity, and yet, for the most part, our assumptions are simply wrong.

The seven young adults who will make a public acclamation of their faith Saturday are passionate about the environment, curious  about their faith, thoughtful, and wise. They want to be a part of a fully inclusive church that makes the world a better place. They ask fantastic questions. They are courageous about identifying as Christians in a secular world. They have a lot to say about the state of the world. They want to hear what we think about it all, and they have a good deal to say about it too.

I hope we can stop our own inner-voices and really hear them. I hope we can listen to their wisdom, affirm their ministries, and let them know how much we value their presence among us.

I pray that we can meet their hopes, dreams, energy, and offerings with our own best efforts, inviting them into a long legacy of ministry and joy in Christ’s Church, and letting them lead us into new ways. Let’s hear what they have to say and listen to the love they bring!

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