Update Letter


July 2015

Dear friends in Christ,

Summer is here!               

Bishop Gates has blessed the new Parish House!             

Moving day has arrived! 

Here is an update on two aspects of Building for Ministry – the Capital Campaign (fundraising) and the importance of the new Parish House to our Trinity community. 

As you read this, the staff will be moving from the Undercroft into the new Parish House:

  1. Renovations on the Undercroft will be completed by Summer’s end

  2. The Capital Campaign financial goal is $6,300,000 (includes $300,000 for potential loan financing)

  3. The Trinity community has been remarkably generous in its support

    1. o$5,446,000 has been pledged to date

    2. oThere is an additional $854,000 to be raised

Significant changes are taking place for Trinity:

  1. On Sunday, May 31, our new Bishop, Alan Gates preached and blessed the new Parish House;
    and we toured our new Parish House for the first time

  2. And then Tony Buquor, our beloved Rector, told us he will retire next spring 

These changes provide us with extraordinary opportunities:

  1. Bishop Gates challenged us to live up to and into our name, Trinity, by being a creative source of love, carried out through our actions, reflecting God’s spirit in the world.  He said we have an opportunity and a responsibility to identify new ministries and as for our new Parish House, he said,  “wear it out!”

  2. Over the next year, let’s enjoy our time with Tony and Lou so they leave uplifted

  3. Lastly, after a period of reflection, we will start the search process for our next Rector

Consider how the outcome of the Capital Campaign will significantly affect each of these opportunities if we are free to move forward without debt.  Imagine the possibilities!  If you contributed to the Building for Ministry Capital Campaign, thank you.  If you have not yet contributed, please consider doing so now.  Any amount is welcome.   The focus of the campaign is not on dollars alone; it’s also about community.  Achieving the Capital Campaign community goal of 100% participation would be a huge blessing.

The new Parish House was built to carry out Trinity’s mission both here and beyond our walls.  If you missed walking through the new Parish House on May 31, do it now. It’s amazing!

In Christ,

Rod Hossfeld   John Lewis      Tom Phillips