Just as God created each of us, we are invited to co-create with God throughout our lives.  This may be why God gave people the gifts of creativity, artistic talent, and a passion for making art.  The arts council helps Trinity church to be a place where those who have been created as artists in the world may showcase their work, and where the whole community can benefit by having access to  great art.  New art shows are hung every few months in our parish hall and adjoining hallways.  

Art can be viewed Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm, and on Fridays after 12 Noon to 5 pm, as well as following church services on Sundays. Please use the River Street entrance.



Color is making a splash at Trinity Church with Intentionally Accidental, a new exhibition featuring abstract oil paintings by Miranda Aisling (ash-lean) from May 1 to July 10.

Aisling’s work brings process, experimentation, and play to the forefront. Her brightly colored canvases are rich in detail and thick with layers. In 2011, Aisling decided to push her artistic process to the next level by creating the canvas itself. A life-long amateur knitter, Aisling turned from scarves and blankets to knitted canvasses. Since then, she’s been developing a conversation on the surface of her artwork between the textures of the knitting and the patterns in the paint.

Intentionally Accidental, Aisling’s first solo exhibition, captures six years of playing with paint and fiber. The original abstract oil paintings in the exhibition are all on hand-knit canvas, traditional canvas, or recycled canvas.