Just as God created each of us, we are invited to co-create with God throughout our lives.  This may be why God gave people the gifts of creativity, artistic talent, and a passion for making art.  The arts council helps Trinity church to be a place where those who have been created as artists in the world may showcase their work, and where the whole community can benefit by having access to  great art.  New art shows are hung every few months in our parish hall and adjoining hallways.  

Art can be viewed Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm, and on Fridays after 12 Noon to 5 pm, as well as following church services on Sundays. Please use the River Street entrance.



Dreamscapes: Art Exhibit by Ruth Lieberherr

Winchester artist Ruth Lieberherr will exhibit her “Dreamscape” paintings from September 11 to October 30.

Artist Statement

I have been experimenting with developing images out of color on canvas, without a premeditated concept. The images emerge from a deeper level of consciousness, evolving into archetypes through a metamorphosis of color and form on canvas. Most often I don’t like to keep the images abstract, but human figures, animals, images from nature start to emerge.  I am also experimenting with doodling and transforming my doodles into grisaille (gray scale) underpaintings, over which I add many transparent washes of color. My life experiences and preferences sneak into my paintings along with the archetypal images. Whimsical figures, faces, real and fantasy creatures inhabit my artwork. Remembered places, people, feelings are transformed into unique expressions of vibrant color and form. From growing up in Switzerland to dancing with my liturgical dance group “Skyloom”, from reading fairy tales to walking among elephants in Ghana, from the mundane to the exotic and spiritual, my experiences find new expression in my “Dreamscapes”. I grew up in Switzerland, where I earned a PhD. in German Language and Literature with a minor in Art History at the University of Zurich. I also studied art at the Kunstgewerbeschule Zurich. Since moving to the U.S. in 1977, I have been exhibiting my work in the U.S.,  in Switzerland and in France.

I have illustrated several picture books: Winter, Awake!, written by Linda Kroll, Journey to Inner Space, written by Deborah Cohen, The Knottles, written by Nancy Mellon, and Hafez, The Mathematical Stonecutter, written by Michael Punzak.

To learn more about my artwork go to www.RuthLieberherr.com and more about “Skyloom” go to www.Skyloom.org