Just as God created each of us, we are invited to co-create with God throughout our lives. This may be why God gave people the gifts of creativity, artistic talent, and a passion for making art. The arts council helps make Trinity church a place where those who have been created as artists in the world may showcase their work, and where the whole community can benefit by having access to great art.  New art shows are installed every few months in our parish hall and adjoining hallways.  Art can be viewed Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm, and on Fridays after 12 Noon to 5 pm, as well as following church services on Sundays. Please use the River Street entrance.


Terri Ackerman has always been interested in nature, travel and photography. Combining these loves she started Eyes of the World Nature Photography in 2014. She says, “My intention is to capture and emphasize the beauty of local landscapes and wildlife all around us. We are always dashing around, way too busy.  Then suddenly a magnificent blue heron sweeps across the river … for a few magical moments, time seems to stop.  That is the effect I want to capture with my photography.”


In addition to landscapes and wildlife, Terri likes to focus in on Nature’s abstract patterns in ripple of water, ice, sky, leaves, or ground cover.


Since 2014, Eyes of the World has delighted customers with its nature photography of New England including local wildlife, landscapes, florals and abstracts based on local nature. From these photos she produces coasters, notecards, glass cutting boards, and canvas prints for sale.


Terri loves to travel and photograph international landscapes. Her collections include Patagonia, India, Morocco, Kenya/Tanzania, Malawi, South Africa, Vietnam, Turkey, and many European countries.  She lives in Concord, Massachusetts. Terri is a member of the Sudbury Valley Nature Photographers, the First Paris Photo Club. She has done work for The Concord Land Conservation Trust, OARS and the Sudbury Valley Trustees.


Terri Ackerman