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A New Season

Dear friends,


As we turn the calendar page to August, we begin to see the end of summer. Before we know it, autumn will arrive in all her glory!  Fall in New England is something special, and then winter brings its own beauty; a stillness, before the green shoots of spring appear again bringing new life.  We expect and anticipate the annual cycle of the seasons; watching the light change over the landscape as we live into the changing seasons of our world, and of our lives.


In our communal life there are also seasons and times of change. At Trinity we have been blessed by a long season of care from three staff members:  Ted Hull, Anne Lynch, and Susan MacDonald.  Their ministries at Trinity represent together over 40 years of commitment, love, and work!  Ted will retire as our sexton on Aug. 9th and Anne Lynch will retire on Aug. 30th.  


In addition to those retirements, Susan MacDonald, who works on publications, will be leaving Trinity effective August 7th.  Susan’s departure is due to the decision to eliminate the 14 hour per week Publications position as we restructure the administrative functions of the office.  We are grateful to Susan for her many years of service; her creativity and flexibility, patience and good humor in the busy seasons of our liturgical life.  Every Sunday bulletin, funeral bulletin, weekly insert and Window issue passed through her capable hands.  A quiet blessing every time.  We will not have the opportunity to thank Susan publicly, but if you wish to send a card of thanks or contribute to a gift for Susan, please send checks to Nancy Marshall, made out to Trinity Church with “Susan” in the memo line.  Susan, we are grateful for all you have done and offer prayers of thanksgiving and blessing. 


What is next for the office?

New Office Manager: The plan is to create one full-time, paid administrative position. This was recommended by the Resource Sustainability Group in 2017 as the best way for Trinity to utilize our staffing resources. The new position of Office Manager will combine the administrative, communications, building management and rental functions which support Trinity’s overall ministry. The detailed job description/posting is being developed now.  

Reception and Welcome Ministry: Beginning in September, we will need a team of volunteers to greet visitors and answer the phones during our office hours Tuesday through Friday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Training and resources will be provided so you can guide callers and visitors to the right place! Please pray about whether you are called to serve in this important role as we move forward in this new season. You can take one day a week OR a morning or afternoon shift of 2 to 3 hours. This is an opportunity to deepen your engagement with your church. Please contact Rev. Nancy Hagner with questions or to sign up for the team. Hagner at trinityconcord dot org.


What is next for the sexton roles?

Cleaners: Beginning Monday, Aug. 5, we will have a once a week cleaning service cover the whole building. Please say a warm Trinity “welcome and hello” to Luci and Wilson when you see them. They will be VERY BUSY every Monday cleaning the entire inside of the church, chapel, undercroft, offices, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. so please do not ask them to do anything. Their responsibilities are limited to cleaning each week on Mondays so that Trinity “shines” for you and all who come through our doors the rest of the week.

Sexton: Beginning Thursday, Aug. 8, we welcome Wesley Sawyers as our new, part-time sexton. Wesley will be here 20 hours per week (exact days/times are being worked out), and will take care of the building needs and the outside needs in consultation with the Rector and the Jr. Warden. Please introduce yourself to Wesley when you see him.

Special Events and Funerals: We are developing a list of people who are able to serve as sexton for special events and funerals. Wesley, as our primary sexton, will be asked first, and there will be a list of others to contact if he is not available.


Please know that these are big changes for our beloved Trinity, and we will need to proceed with patience and humor, good will, prayer, and hopefulness! New seasons are filled with both sadness for the seasons past as well as curiosity and expectation about what is before us.  As people of faith, we can be confident that God is in the midst of all of it…our sadness and our joy; our prayers and our hopes.


We give thanks for all the work of our staff, the Human Resources committee, the Resource Sustainability group, our Wardens, officers, and vestry members. Change is hard, and change is often necessary and positive.  God is giving us an opportunity to bring a new spirit of joy and creativity to our life together.  Please join in with a faithful heart, and with prayers for courage and hope.  If you have questions, please come to me and Becky, or your Wardens, Ernie Steward and Barbara Morse anytime. 


This Sunday, Aug. 4, we will also be available in the Library following the 8 a.m. and the 10 a.m. to talk further and answer questions.


May the peace of God, which passes all understanding guide your hearts this day!



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