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The Stations of Holy Week

The Stations of Holy Week in the Chapel will remain up through Good Friday for all ages to ponder God’s profound love for us as Christ journeyed to the cross.  The stained glass drawing for each station comes from a children’s book, Easter, by Fiona French. Each of the ten stations has a few lines of scripture taken from the King James Bible, some reflective questions, and an experiential activity. It is designed for all ages since the Holy Week story has many layers.  Expect to take at least a half hour to go through all ten, but give yourself more time for a deeper experience.  They don’t have to be done all at once.

Each Sunday, one church school class will experience these stations during their regular class time. Everyone is welcome to visit them before or after coffee hour, or during the week. Especially during Holy Week, families are encouraged to come and walk through them together. On Good Friday, between 1-3 pm, Carol Brady will be present to lead you through the stations. 

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stations of the cross
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